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Why Wellness Simply?

5 years ago I started to get sick. Really sick. I was pregnant with my firstborn, and at the time I was unaware that I had an MTHFR mutation as well as a number of food sensitivities.

Finally after the birth of my second daughter, I saw an amazing functional medicine doctor and it all began to make sense. But my diagnosis and treatment was overwhelming. After 25 vials of blood tests, countless labs, and hours of consultation, I learned that I had multiple nutrient deficiencies and severe leaky gut. I was handed a lengthy multi-page homework that included foods I couldn't eat, dozens of supplements I needed to take, and even instructions on what kind water to drink and how to purify my indoor air!

Overwhelmed, but determined, I set out to implement all of these changes. But all along the way, I kept thinking that there had to be an easier way. If there was a step by step detox plan or a resource to help walk me through all of these changes, I know my path to wellness would have been easier.

Well, now that I've been down the path, I hope to use what I learned on my journey to wellness to simplify yours.

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Missy Williams

Founder, Wellness Simply

I'm Missy and I'm here to help you simplify your path to wellness!  I'm a Jesus follower, a wife and mom, and the co-founder of a nonprofit. I'm also a mutant, foodie and paleo enthusiast, wellness nerd, and information junkie. I voluntarily read medical journals and some days I'm pretty sure I missed my calling as a doctor. As an extrovert, I love people and I love my community. I believe that the physical, emotional, and spiritual are all connected and that true wellness requires addressing each of those areas.

After years of sickness, I realized that it's not my body that's broken but it's the world around us that's toxic. This simple realization gave me the courage to go against our modern culture and fight for wellness. Will you join me?

Let's Get Well!

Are you sick and overwhelmed? Do you want to change your diet/lifestyle but you're unsure how to do it? I can help! Sign up for the consultation or coaching session that's right for you!