Detox your life. Simply.

Our modern world is filled with toxins. This isn't the way God intended it to be, and it's making us really sick. It's estimated that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are expected to get cancer. 1 in 45 kids has autism, 1 in 10 kids has asthma, 1 in 13 has allergies, and 1 in 3 kids is expected to be insulin dependent by the time they reach adulthood. (1) It's an epidemic. And, unfortunately, to be healthy in today's world, you have to work at it and go against the grain.


But why does this matter? Why should we fight for it? Because God cares about how we steward our bodies. It doesn't mean that we won't get sick or that he promises us health, but it does mean that he cares. (We'll dive deeper into this over the next 3 months.)

But it can all seem so overwhelming and sometimes we'd rather bury our head in the sand than attempt to fight for wellness. Yes, it's true that we can't control all of the pollution and chemicals in our environment, but there's so much we really can do!

Over the next 3 months, together, we'll walk a path to wellness. We'll look at scripture, be encouraged to learn and grow, and we'll focus on removing toxins in our water, skin care and cosmetics, healthcare, food, and our home. We'll also learn simple tried and true methods to encourage our bodies to naturally detox.

From the comfort of your home, via video, email, and the web, you'll be equipped to go against the grain and find wellness in today's toxic world. Plus, you'll receive access to upgrade to one 60 minute consultation at a reduced rate!